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Australia Melbourne Costume Lovers

Melbourne Anime/Cosplay Lovers
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All Members , Moderated
This community was formed for those in Melbourne with a love of anime and / or cosplaying. Share your ideas, interests and event information with us! Feel free to post tales of intrigue, drama and cosplay gone right or very, very wrong. You are more than welcome to use this community to plan anime / cosplay related events (Just promise that there'll be incriminating photos posted here afterwards.)

Discussion need not be limited to only things going on in Melbourne, and membership is not limited to Melbournians only, but you may find better places to discuss extra-state events. Sydney-siders are encouraged to visit our sister community, sydney_anime

1. Pictures are encouraged! If you're posting a stack, please post no more than two outside a LJ-cut.
2. Please use lj-cut if posting anything vaguely risqué - we may have young members or those online at work.
3. Remember to use appropriate language and behaviour. We are all here to have fun!
4. Posting of ebay auctions and sales has been BANNED due to complaints.

Finally, please feel free to post an introduction when you join.

Writeup above done graciously by pfcblogshere