rayiroth (rayiroth) wrote in melbourne_anime,

Manifest 2010. Clay Charms.

Hi guys! I'm attending my first Manifest ever this August, WOOP! I'm a charm maker, making phone charms like this: 

Ace Attorney Charms - Team PW by ~Selphiroth on deviantART

So I'm just wondering, would anyone going to Manifest be interested in any specific characters? <3 I don't usually make anything in duplicates because I get so bored easily, so I'll only make the ones that I have with commissions. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions!

Thanks so much, and I can't wait to see you guys there! <3

Forgot to mention: for Manifest sells and presells only, those charms are going for $AU10 for a limited time. They will come with either a lariat or a key ring of your choice - but feel free to arrange to have them on ear hooks or bracelets or necklaces with me first. 8)
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