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Manifest 2010. Clay Charms.

Hi guys! I'm attending my first Manifest ever this August, WOOP! I'm a charm maker, making phone charms like this: 

Ace Attorney Charms - Team PW by ~Selphiroth on deviantART

So I'm just wondering, would anyone going to Manifest be interested in any specific characters? <3 I don't usually make anything in duplicates because I get so bored easily, so I'll only make the ones that I have with commissions. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions!

Thanks so much, and I can't wait to see you guys there! <3

Forgot to mention: for Manifest sells and presells only, those charms are going for $AU10 for a limited time. They will come with either a lariat or a key ring of your choice - but feel free to arrange to have them on ear hooks or bracelets or necklaces with me first. 8)
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Oh god. I'd definitely buy prussia and germany from you if you make any for Manifest! *Cant wait till manifrdt this year*

Would you like to have them as commissions so you can pick them up on the day (and pay me on the day it's easier), or do you want to me to make it and hopefully you'll pop up early enough to snatch it before other people?

They are $10AUD each, a discount for cons, better state that first XD
Definitely comission! I don't want to miss out! *D* <3
Awesome! Consider it done. Throw me an email at dalmasca at gmail , and we can work out the details from there! Thank you so much <333

Awesome! I'll get right to it :D

And no, thank you! <333

Holy hell-- another Ace Attorney fan in Melbourne, and you're Manifesting!??!

Firstly: those charms are gorgeous. (*g* I have the official ones on my phone right now, though I'm curious: these could work for a bracelet or something, couldn't they?)
Secondly: I'm hoping to cosplay Franziska at Manifest this year. So far I've done Trucy, April May and Dee Vasquez.
Thirdly: I really have to start working on that AA panel I offered to do. :)
Hold on.



I'm actually thinking about running away from my stall for the panel now. AA PANEL?!

I'm so new to Australia in general, so ;afjkadfdj SO HAPPY I DON' T KNOW WAT TO SAY. And Trucy OMG TRUCY APRIL MARRY ME MAY kdfkkl;

(I'll be more coherent once I went past the OMG stage, I swear 8D )
*g* Last con I went to, one girl said, "Hey, you're that girl who always does AA cosplays, aren't you?" *blushes* I was wanting to do Dahlia and Miles as well, but I doubt I'll have them ready in time. And I'm trying to talk my partner into doing Redd White or Kristoph, but it's unlikely to happen.

(I've gotta say, though, there are a few AA cosplayers in Melbourne: I was the only one at Armageddon, but at last Manifest, I saw a Klavier, a Gant, a Miles and Franziska, a few Godots, and apparently there was a Trucy, and at Supernova there was an Ema Skye who was really sweet, too. WE'RE OUT THERE!)

As for the panel... I still have to do up stuffs and submit it, but I'm hoping to do one! The Zelda one last year was really inspiring and I like geeking out about all things AA. :)

Welcome to Australia, too! :D

Those would work really well as necklace charms, while I really don't recommend people without excessive ear-strength training to use it as earrings. Bracelets goes somewhere in between - if you don't mind a chunk of dangly clay, sure thing! I do usually recommend smaller charms for bracelets due to the sheer size and weight, though.



July 15 2010, 10:06:13 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  July 15 2010, 10:07:13 UTC

Okay... I was kind of thinking of asking for a few charms: I could always test the weight out myself (I wouldn't do them as earrings, either!) but I'd love to commission some if you're up to it. :) Because seriously, d00d, they're gorgeous, and I'm a sucker for AA merchandise and fanstuffs. :D

I'll fire you an email once I'm at work. :)

(EDIT: WTF is going on with comments? it posted before I meant it to, and then I got a 404 page and then after posting this version, I see the previous comment there... :/)
Oh I'm totally up for it! For the food charms I have, those smallish ones are great for bracelets. We could always go for lawyer badge charms if the chibi figures are too heavy <333