rockeandroll (halfeatenmoon) wrote in melbourne_anime,

Panels at Manifest!

Hi there, Melbourne anime lovers! I'm the panels co-ordinator for Manifest 2009 and I'm looking for more people to run panels since we have quite a good time allotment for them this year.

So is anyone here interested in running a panel? Panels can be on anime, manga or videogame genres, on general themes and features of anime/manga/VG, Japanese culture or fan culture such as cosplay, fanfiction or doujinshi. A list of the panels already confirmed can be found on the Manifest forums here, but even if your favourite topic already has a panel it may still be possible to add another one. Right now I'm particularly looking for panels on cosplay or video games, but all suggestions are welcome.

If you're interested, please send me an email at
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