cos_secrets (cos_secrets) wrote in melbourne_anime,

Cosplay Secrets!

(I didn't see anything regarding community advertisements/affiliates within the community rules, so forgive me if I'm breaking any by posting this.)


Have something you want to get off your chest regarding cosplay? Frustrated at your best friend, you have a crush on that Beatrice cosplayer from that anime con, or you just need to vent anonymously? Then come join ljcos_secrets and let it all out.

Instructions on posting included with every secrets post, and secrets are posted weekly. Don't hold back.
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November 23 2010, 23:53:19 UTC 6 years ago

No offence, but this sounds like an awful idea. Does cosplay really need this much negativity? Isn't 4chan terrible enough already?
The community is based on Post Secrets, if you're familiar with that name/community purpose. The focus isn't on drama itself, but rather a sort of confessions, which can be both negative and positive. It's what you make of it.

There is a secrets community for most hobbies out there, but the cosplay/convention scene has yet to obtain their own stable secrets community. You needn't join if you think it's purely negative, but we ask that you don't come wielding drama torches, please.

I apologize if advertising is frowned upon in this community, however, and welcome a mod to delete the post if necessary.


November 24 2010, 08:18:59 UTC 6 years ago

Isn't there enough insecurity and bitchiness surrounding cosplayers anyway?

I understand that it's based on other "secrets" LJ communities, but let's face it, all too often they descend into someone saying something nasty about their supposed friends or what-have-you and the whole thing just looks like passive-aggressive bitchiness rather than "secrets".